I am a free scientist without specialization. Unlike my colleagues, I am not restricted to a single topic or field of expertise, I am not bound to an academic institution and I do not have any political obligations. I am therefore absolutely independent and committed to the respective customer only. I consult "from the outside".

Although I consider my international contacts or global network as the foundation of my work, I do have a regional strategic focus. For me, multilingualism is a matter of course – while I prefer to cleanly separate between languages. I am not preoccupied by travelling – it is a natural and omnipresent part of my life.

I do not consider computers in their various shapes and appearances as an end in and of itself. They are versatile everyday tools for solving superior problems. As much as I care about the design of my analogue environment, I do care about the convenient and expedient design of my digital environment, too, where I do not let myself be confined by third-party restrictions. Open source software is an essential part of my life and my work, which, for me, does explicitly not conflict with commercial development and use.

As a free scientist, it is my goal to make hardly accessible knowledge accessible - especially, if it was generated with subsidies from compulsory levy. For me, interdisciplinary work is not just an empty phrase but a natural way of work.