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'abgleich' 0.0.8 released
A ZFS synchronization and backup tool

0.0.8 release of abgleich, a simple ZFS sync tool and pleiszenburg.de open source project. This version is a major rewrite of many of its core functionalities to allow better long-term maintenance and extension. The cleanup of snapshots has been improved and is now also possible on the source zpool. Besides, abgleich now does not collide anymore with other ZFS backup tools.

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  • ZFS


abgleich is a simple ZFS sync tool. It displays source and target ZFS zpool, dataset and snapshot trees. It creates meaningful snapshots only if datasets have actually been changed. It compares a source zpool tree to a target, backup zpool tree. It pushes backups from a source to a target. It cleanes up older snapshots on the source side if they are present on the target side. It runs on a command line and produces nice, user-friendly, human-readable, colorized output. It also includes a GUI.


  • FEATURE: zfs-auto-snapshot can be told to ignore backup datasets on the target side, see #3.
  • FEATURE: samba can optionally be told to NOT share/expose backup datasets on the target side, see #4.
  • FEATURE: ssh-port on source and target becomes configurable, see #22.
  • FEATURE: New configuration fields for source and target each: processing. They can carry shell commands for pre- and post-processing of data before and after it is transferred via ssh. This enables the use of e.g. lzma or bzip2 as a custom transfer compression beyond the compression capabilities of ssh itself. See #23.
  • FEATURE: abgleich clean can also remove snapshots on target but only if they are not part of the current overlap with source. The behavior can be controlled via the new keep_backlog configuration option, see #24 and #25.
  • FEATURE: Configuration module contains default values for parameters, making it much easier to write lightweight configuration files, see #28. The configuration parser now also provides much more useful output.
  • FEATURE: abgleich tree and abgleich compare highlight ignored datasets.
  • FEATURE: Significantly more flexible shell command wrapper and, as a result, cleaned up transaction handling.
  • FEATURE: Python 3.9 and 3.10 compatibility.
  • FIX: Many cleanups in code base, enabling future developments.


Installation instructions are available on Github.

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