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'abgleich' 0.0.1 released
A ZFS synchronization and backup tool

Initial release of abgleich, a simple ZFS sync tool and pleiszenburg.de open source project.

  • BSD
  • Backup
  • Linux
  • Python
  • Python Package
  • Release
  • Unix
  • ZFS


abgleich shows local and remote ZFS dataset trees / zpools. It creates meaningful snapshots only if datasets have actually been changed. It compares a local dataset tree to a remote, backup dataset tree. It pushes backups to remote. It cleanes up older snapshot on local system. Runs from the command line and produces nice, user-friendly, readable, colorized output.


My motivation was to have a solid library around common ZFS-related backup tasks so I could, one day, build a GUI around it. Well, I started with a CLI tool instead. The basic and very simple idea is to have two zpools (on two different machines), one possibly smaller/faster for work (the source), another possibly larger/slower for backups (the target). The source holds at least n snapshots per dataset while the target holds the "entire" history (up to a certain point). Snapshots are only created if there are actual changes in a dataset - which makes it easier to understand the history of a certain dataset.

abgleich workflow, i.e. snapshot -> backup -> cleanup
Figure 1: abgleich workflow, i.e. snapshot -> backup -> cleanup

I have been trusting this code, earlier as well as more recent versions of it, for over a year now. I would call it stable - although it lacks any form of regular tests at this point.

This is not all new by any means. My tool simply reflects my workflow and the need to have a spot-on tool. Nevertheless, I am very interested in ideas and feedback. What is missing? What should be improved? What should look / work totally different? What is broken? Feedback is highly welcome.


abgleich can be installed as follows:

pip install -vU git+https://github.com/pleiszenburg/abgleich.git@master
Source code 1

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