Research & Publication
Acquisition and Generation of Knowledge, Influence

I assist you with researching and reliably answering your questions. I consult you with respect to how you can influence modern research environments.

In modern research, the documentation of generated knowledge has become a scientific discipline in itself. This applies to both academic and commercial environments. A rather diffuse and, for the untrained eye, obscure ecosystem dictates how and to whom knowledge is distributed. The governing paradigm of judging about the quality and performance of research based on the size of its reached audience for steering the flow of funds is intensifying this effect. As a direct consequence, the line between academic discussions based on facts and artistic performances is becoming increasingly blurred - accompanied by a downright flood of publications.

Over the course of more than one decade of intentional work with or, respectively, within this system in a multitude of disciplines, I have acquired a deep understanding of the mentioned system as well as a global network. In the scope of a sound investigation for you, I am therefore able to separate between facts and background noise, to isolate and track down relevant publications and individuals around the globe and to even get in touch with them by your request if your question can not be answered based on available literature.

Working in the opposite direction, I advise you on how to exercise influence in this system in your interest by systematically positioning publications of various kinds, by appearances, by self-organized events and by the means of proposals or applications. I accompany you step by step through the corresponding processes.