Metrology & Scientific Photography
Instruments, Imaging Methods, Micrographs

I identify the right measuring method for your problem and accompany you step by step from the acquisition of the required components to the implementation of the system. Based on your requirements I develop suitable imaging methods and analysis procedures for the respective measurements. Beyond that, I engage in the photography of hardly accessible objects for scientific purposes, especially within the scope of microscopic photography, and the development of related equipment.

Almost anything can be quantified and measured. It is ultimately a question of creativity to find, implement, calibrate and finally apply a suitable measurement method for a particular problem. Recent progress with respect to the miniaturization of electronics and computers as well as the development of versatile semiconductor materials enables us to shed light on problems which were extremely difficult to unlock not too long ago. At the same time, cheaper than ever computing power provides us with the opportunity to transform a variety of new as well as established measuring methods into multidimensional or even time-depending imaging methods.