Data as Feedstock
Acquisition, Structuring, Transformation, Analysis

I assist you with accessing data, which is literally surrounding you. I accompany you step by step through the process from a draft to an applicable solution, including the acquisition or gathering of data, structuring of the respective data and, eventually, a result-oriented data analysis. Answer your questions of importance with state-of-the-art methods, which were unattainable not too long ago, and be one significant step ahead of the rest of the world.

Data is more than just numbers, words, bits & bytes - it is feedstock or raw material. It can be generated in arbitrary quantities from almost any given context. After thorough structuring and analysis, data tells us a lot about our environment or, respectively, the problems surrounding us. Besides, freely available open data from public databases - offered in large quantities by various administrations, government entities, academic institutions, open projects, non-profits and companies - must be considered an infinite treasure, which has to be sought and exploited for ones personal benefit. At the same time, other than only few years ago, even modern-day average computers provide us with sufficient computing power for studying, observing and ultimately shedding light on highly complex relationships within manageable time-frames. And even if this is not enough, additional computing power has become an affordable asset, which can be leased or bought quite easily depending on ones individual needs. On top of that, the required sophisticated tools and software components are mostly open source and freely available these days, which enables us to use and customize them. The art of my work is exhausting the available resources thoroughly within the scope of your individual question.